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Canada has a unique ability and preponderance to turn valuable assets into staggering liabilities, viable resources into stagnant stockpiles. In short, wealth into poverty.

Why does our policy and regulatory regime continuously impede responsible economic production while encouraging ever more consumption of the resources we disdain?

Why do we make villains of honest brokers and hard workers? And why are we demonizing industry while glorifying over-consumption?

In our upcoming Consume This documentary, podcast and blog series, we’ll ask some leading thinkers for their thoughts on these important questions.

At Consume This, we know the answers are complex, potentially humorous, and likely frightening. We are going to dissect the Consumption Conundrum; talk to leading experts about what we can realistically expect going forward; identify consumption habits, trends and their associated impacts; and analyze the science of it. All while presenting it in a meaningful way we can all relate to.

Help us explore what we believe is the real issue of our time!

Consume This Documentary



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