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Time for a new Common Sense Approach: Make Your Candidates Make a Pledge

If consumption is the driver of most of our environmental issues why don’t our leaders even acknowledge it in environmental policy? Instead, they target those who produce everything that we use to enhance our day to day lives. Yes, those that produce can do better and reduce their environmental impact – and in Canada, for the most part they are – but how can we improve our environmental performance if we aren’t targeting 80 percent of the problem … consumption.

Are we really going to blame the hard working Canadians who provide us with all the stuff we need and love and punish them while we as individuals don’t have to do our part? For example, the recently implemented federal carbon tax lets the 80 per cent off the hook. A rebate for consumers that will supposedly amount to more than we all pay. Really? On the backs of the industries and workers who will need to pay for that rebate? How will that impact the cost of the goods we consume? Consume This believes it’s bad policy and needs to be fixed.

Are we going to sabotage our industries and workers with harmful and ineffective regulations that will stop them from competing and delivering products to those that need them around the world?

Are we going to continue supporting economic policy that uses indicators such as GDP and consumer consumption to gauge success? Policy that aims to continuously grow the economy and increase consumerism completely contradicts the goal of reducing environmental impacts.

Join our campaign and hold your representatives accountable for developing real and practical environmental policy for Canadians. Ask them if they will include consumption in that policy. Ask them if they will continue to defer production of the goods the world needs to environmental laggards. If they don’t, they have no environmental policy.

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