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The following are direct links to each of the main federal party websites.  Look them up… ask these questions and any others that may come to mind about Canada’s regulatory and climate change policies.

  • How does your platform address the root causes of climate change, namely consumption?
  • How does your party explain how at 1.6 percent of world emissions, Canadians are being led to believe that Canada has a locally caused climate emergency?

If they cannot give a real answer they don’t have a climate policy.  After all, climate change is a global issue; the big polluters – China, USA, EU, India, Russia, Japan — represent about 70 percent of emissions and aren’t doing their part; and even if Canadians stopped burning everything… it would be meaningless both locally and globally.

And there’s the fact our ever increasing consumption represents 80 per cent of  the problem.

Challenge our leaders by licking on each party logo below:



Online Pledge:

As a concerned Canadian consumer and voter, I ask that you, as a an elected representative who places Canada’s interests above all pledge:

  1. To fight for policy and legislation that acknowledges global consumption habits and over-consumerism are the real threat to our environment.
  2. To declare that while Canada contributes only 1.6 percent of global emissions, we can be a significant player and role model in the mission to fight environmental threats by rewarding responsible consumer behaviour.
  3. To commit with this pledge to oppose policy and legislation that unreasonably obstructs, delays or discourages investment in the responsible development, distribution and delivery or export of all Canadian resources.

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