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About Consume This

Full disclosure: Consume This accepts that climate change is real.

But Consume This is only partially and indirectly about climate change. We leave that story to the thousands of other storytellers already chasing that dragon.

This project is about consumption.  And it’s in pursuit of a new perspective.  A perspective that will help us actually achieve our environmental goals.

In this pursuit, Consume This will be as objective and unbiased as it can be. We support no political cause or party – left, right or neutral. We support no industry – clean, dirty or neutral. We support no spiritual or religious cause – fundamentalist, orthodox or neutral.

We support and push a new perspective. Through this project, we are seeking and sharing facts about consumption, facts about the impacts of consumption and the things it makes us do, and facts about the projected future of our planet if the consumption trend continues.

And hopefully, with your help, we will be able to start influencing our political, industry and thought leaders to introduce and foster meaningful policy that includes consumption in the environmental narrative and forces individuals to take a hard look at how our energy mix is shaped by over-consumerism in the developed world and struggling-to-survive consumerism in the developing world.

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