//We all love green, until it impacts us

We all love green, until it impacts us

Some media may be starting to get the message… starting…

Everyone loves to feel good about the fact that they care about the environment and really want to stop the impending ‘Global Climate Crisis‘.  We blame everyone else but ourselves.  Most notably, the industries that provide all the wonderful stuff we consume in increasing amounts every year.

But do we really care?  We talk a good game… but is anyone really willing to give up any of  their First World comforts in the name of this predicted crisis?

Consumption everywhere continues to rise annually.  The most notable – because it’s the industry everyone picks on most – is worldwide oil consumption.  We are now consuming over 100 million barrels globally every day and that number is rising. Yet, we continue to buy way, way more gas guzzling SUVs and pickup trucks in Canada than electric vehicles.  It’s not even close.  And just to remind our readers, 80 percent of emissions from a barrel of oil come from the end use of the product – yep, the tailpipe.

Yet we have a government that is hell bent on electric only, when maybe, other more affordable and practical options like hybrids make more sense… at least in much of Canada. For example, if someone needs the functionality and long-range capability of a truck or SUV and can cut emissions by 30 percent with a hybrid, is that not a success toward our environmental ambitions?

This is important because recent polls and facts point to most Canadians not being willing to spend a cent on being green.   This even more pronounced with recent findings showing that when Ontario killed personal electric vehicle subsidies it also killed electric vehicle sales numbers.

So if we won’t reduce consumption and we won’t pay more for the products that reduce environmental impacts… what are we willing to do other than show up and protest the use of the stuff we love that gives us our wonderful quality of life.

As we approach the last couple of weeks before the king of all over-consumption holidays, we ask that you give some thought to our mission at Consume This.  If you’re looking for a gift for someone who has everything, give the gift of non-consumption.  You’ll be supporting the environmental ambitions of your friends and family by reducing consumption and helping us spread the message that we all need to do our part and consider what we really need every day.  Click here to support our cause and get your Non-Consumption e-card.

As always, it’s about consumption… help us make a difference and spread the word!

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