//I cut emissions 50%… and paid the taxes!

I cut emissions 50%… and paid the taxes!

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Rebates a Little Perplexing

Canada launched a wonderful new rebate this past year and is likely planning something similar as our newly formed Parliament resumes.  It’s a great concept actually… providing a significant rebate to those who purchased certain low emissions electric and plug in hybrid vehicles.  This is a program Consume This fully supports, and the type of consumption focused policy we believe the world needs more of.

But there was a big issue that we found particularly dumbfounding.  The policy focused only on plug in hybrids and electric vehicles under $45K!  And for some ridiculous reason it did not include the Toyota Camry Hybrid I just bought, an appropriate family vehicle that reduced my fuel consumption by 50 percent over the SUV I traded it in for.

Why on earth would they limit the rebates to plug-in hybrids?  We need to reduce consumption.  We all have different needs, yet policy limits the incentive for those who may be looking to buy the vehicle that consumes less yet feel it’s out of their price range.  And frankly, in Canada we tend to have to drive longer distances in our huge country (electric vehicles are quite limited in range) and it’s very cold half the year (batteries do not like the cold).  The Hybrid car I chose can travel almost 1,000 km on under 50 litres… in any weather, any time of year, city or highway.  A smart choice for a Canadian’s needs.

Canada should be looking to create consumption reducing policies that really reduce consumption and account for the needs of Canadians.  What if we can move people who really need that SUV or truck to a Hybrid version that is still a 30 percent fuel consumption reduction over what they are doing now.  A proposition well worth looking at.

In one move, I cut my fuel consumption in half.  No rebate, but I still got to pay the GST!


Federal rebates for electric cars kick in with increased price limit

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