//Leo wants Greta to be his friend

Leo wants Greta to be his friend

DiCaprio just makes it too painfully easy!

We know that it looks like we’re picking on poor Leo… but we just can’t help it.  We are talking about a guy who flies across the globe so that he can party on New Years Eve.  And the guy who throws a so-called environmental fundraiser each year in the exclusive St. Tropez, in the South of France (See: Leo and Friends) where his rich and famous friends fly in from around the world to participate in an auction of rich things for rich people that essentially do bad things for the environment.

Now Leo is on the Greta bandwagon.  He supports Greta and her efforts to stand up to the establishment and get First World governments to do more in the name of fighting climate change.

Well Leo, we aren’t buying it and never will until you start walking the talk.  That means no more mansions, no more ridiculously labelled eco-islands for your rich and famous friends, no more yachting to special worldwide sporting events, no more New Years Eve extravaganzas… no more, Leo.. no more.  You must realize that you are bad for the environment!

We can only hope that Greta – our environmental crusader who is doing her best (and I think realizing how  difficult it can be) to avoid being an over-consuming polluter – adopts our message as part of her campaign, delivers that message to Leo and tells him to fix his ways so that she can allow him into her new club.

Hey, maybe Greta can get world leaders to step up and do something about gross over-consumption. You know… the type of hypocritical behaviour that can only be achieved by the rich and famous living their lavish lifestyles while they tell the rest of us who are just trying to get by to stop everything.

Until that happens, Leo will remain in the Consume This Celebricrite Hall of Shame.

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