//We can’t shop our way out of this

We can’t shop our way out of this

Why all those Black Friday deals are costly for the environment

CBC Radio, The Current

Lawmakers in France are trying to ban Black Friday to help stop waste

Black Friday may be packed with cheap deals, but it comes at “a cost to the planet,” according to an environmental journalist.

“It’s one thing when we’re buying products that we need that happen to come on sale, but so many of us are getting lured into shopping for stuff that we absolutely do not need,” said Adria Vasil, author of The Ecoholic book series.

“All of this is tied to so much resource extraction: mining for the metals, and the plastics involved that end up in the ocean, toxic chemicals dumped downstream,” she told The Current’s Laura Lynch.

“The U.N. yesterday said we need to cut emissions by 55 per cent globally in the next 10 years — we can’t shop our way out of this mess.” more…

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