//First World Kids Sue Governments Over Climate Change

First World Kids Sue Governments Over Climate Change

Some Self Awareness, Please…

In the past few weeks we’ve seen our World’s emboldened youth being guided by their adult climate fighting mentors to sue their governments for causing the impending climate crisis doom they face.  As the next generation that will have to live with the consequences of our actions since the dawn of the industrial revolution, they do have cause for concern.  What they fail to grasp is the lack of self-awareness and general knowledge about the environmental issues they are presenting while going after those that have provided them with all of the First World luxuries that they enjoy every day.

Consume This supports activism and initiative presented by our youth.  What we don’t subscribe to is frivolous and misleading lawsuits from environmentalists using our children as their vessel to deliver their message.    We are sure these kids all do care deeply about their future and believe that action must be taken to curb the negative effects of human activity on the planet.  We support that viewpoint wholeheartedly.   However, sometimes facts, science, and realism need to be considered rather than hyperbole.  And maybe once in a while we all need to re-evaluate our own behaviors and look in the mirror at our individual consumption.

We’ll present our key questions once again and hope you will reflect.

Ask yourself!

  • Are you willing to keep your current smartphone more than 2 years rather than upgrading it when the latest tech comes out?
  • Are you willing to take the bus and get rid of your car?
  • Are you willing to skip this winter’s tropical vacation?
  • Are you willing to skip eating foods that cannot be produced in your area (no fruit and veggies this winter)?
  • Are you willing to stop eating meat?
  • Are you willing to tell the developing world they cannot aspire to have what the West has had for generations?
  • Are you actually aware of how all the stuff you have, need and use affects the environment?
  • Are you willing to pay more for everything green and clean?
  • Are you willing to lose a job during the transition?
  • Are you willing to change, or should we focus on how to live in a different world going forward?

These are pretty big changes to First World living.  Changes that I highly doubt any of those involved in suing their governments have even considered.  And changes that if imposed by governments will not be popular with their citizens.  Elections will be lost in democratic nations, and non-democratic nations will continue to do whatever they please.

That is the problem.  So few of us consider consumption and what reducing it means to our daily lives, local and national economies or the world economy.   There will be pain if we’re to meet the targets set to try and keep the world’s temperature increase at 1.5 to 2 percent. Considerable pain.

But maybe there is a group of  children in this world that should actually be taking up the fight and suing all of our asses for what may or may not happen should the climate crisis come to be.  How about those Third World and Developing World kids who don’t have access to all the wonderful consumables that those of us in First World economies take for granted.  The kids who have no real footprint in comparison to those involved in the lawsuits.  They may actually have a case!

As always, it’s about consumption… help us make a difference and spread the word!


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