//Hypocritical and disingenuous

Hypocritical and disingenuous

How The Guardian’s math blames 20 firms for a third of climate change causing emissions

When you eat too much, or make poor nutritional choices, is it the fault of the company that made the food?

When you got a little tipsy drinking that bottle of wine last night, did you blame the winery?

Did the brewery make you drink all that beer at the hockey game?

Was it your choice to buy the gas-guzzling SUV over the hybrid?

And we’re guessing the 20 companies that are charged by The Guardian for causing a third of climate change emissions must have made you buy their product and burn it without any benefit to you, the consumer.

In reality, there’s a very direct correlation to all of these questions.  They are all about consumption and the decisions that individuals make every day. And this leads us to the recent article and feature series on climate change from UK-based The Guardian.

They claim that 20 energy companies (primarily dealing in fossil fuels) are responsible for a third of all climate-change-causing emissions.  It then goes on for multiple pages about how these companies did it.  Yet… alas… deep into the article it appears to let them largely off the hook.  It admits that it attributed the 90 percent of all emissions associated with getting the energy to market and burning these fossil fuels to the producer of the product.

There it was, buried deep where few would tread. Could demand for and consumption of the product be the real culprit? Real math shows that about 20 percent of emissions are generated in producing the product and getting it to consumers, industrial and household. Real math shows that we, as consumers, are responsible for more than 80 percent of the emissions associated with every litre of fuel we burn.

If you prefer to pass the buck and blame others for your appetites and bad habits, feel free.  We know the truth.  And until that truth is heard, understood and acted upon – worldwide – we will not accomplish anything with respect to the climate-change file.

We’ll never let emitters off the hook and the 20 percent is an issue that also must be addressed.  But how can we possibly do anything until we honestly consider the full picture.

As always… it’s the consumption, stupid!



The Guardian: Revealed 20 firms behind a third of all  carbon emissions

Excerpt from the article

‘It found that 90% of the emissions attributed to the top 20 climate culprits was from use of their products, such as petrol, jet fuel, natural gas, and thermal coal. One-tenth came from extracting, refining, and delivering the finished fuels.’



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