//Two Plane Trudeau: We had to do it

Two Plane Trudeau: We had to do it

We wondered for a short while about whether or not it would be fair to pick on the Trudeau Campaign, following the revelation at the recent French-language debate that,  yes… as a matter of fact… Greta’s marching partner has been flying two planes around the country during the Canadian federal election campaign.

After careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that this is utter hypocrisy, and it would be a failure on our part to sit it out.  Especially following the reactionary comments of the Liberals trying to liken their hypocrisy to the fact the Conservatives, who are operating one plane, are not paying for their carbon offsets while the Liberals are.

This hypocrisy blog has nothing to do with the fact the Prime Minister uses a plane to get around the country.  Of course he does… we live in a big country and he has to see people on the campaign trail.

What we are focused on is Airplane B and the fact Mr. Trudeau believes paying for carbon offsets justifies burning more than double the fuel (and associated emissions) of the second biggest polluting campaign being run by the Conservatives.

First, hell no!  A plane for campaign props is unacceptable for a leader and party so committed (at least verbally) to saving our planet by reducing 30 percent of our 1.6 percent of global emissions to meet our Paris Accord commitments and achieving a full Net Zero of our 1.6 per cent of global emissions by 2050.  And to the second point… hell no again! Carbon credits don’t account for burning fuel for no better reason than to make sure your props and staging provide the highest degree of drama possible.  To add to that, shouldn’t you be sourcing those props locally and supporting local businesses during your multiple daily trans-provincial tours?

What put us over the top on this one was the insinuation by the Liberals that the Conservatives were being the hypocrites by calling them out on Airplane  B.  The rationale being that they too are flying all over the country (with one plane) without paying for the carbon credits.

The problem with Mr. Trudeau’s argument is that the Conservative Party of Canada doesn’t believe in taxing carbon or paying for offsets.  Right or wrong, they never have.  They believe it’s bad policy and have proposed other measures in their environmental platform.  So no, they are not being hypocrites in this case.

Regardless, we are still dealing with five parties who have not even once talked about the true nature of the biggest cause of all our environmental woes – the 70 to 80 percent that is our consumption.  And until at least one party adopts consumption as a major part of its environmental policy going forward, they’re  all hypocrites.

Conservatives Call Trudeau a Hypocrite

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