//Message Delivered Greta:  But what about consumption?

Message Delivered Greta:  But what about consumption?

Protests are being held around the planet this week as part of the Greta Thunburn tour.  Greta had her turn at the UN mic, as did many World Leaders (not the U.S. and China though), delivering messages and their usual toothless rhetoric about the urgent need to combat the climate crisis.  But yet again, for all the rhetoric and kumbaya hand holding, once again, it seems that nobody gets it.

While Greta and the protesters simplistically demand that our world leaders do something, it’s just another platform for these leaders to grandstand when their powers are really quite limited without the commitment of the billions of consumers around the world (and hundreds of thousands that show up to protest for that matter) to reduce their personal individual consumption and give up many of the things they use and do that makes their lives so livable.  At least for a third of us.

Look at this picture.

Do these kids look like they are giving up anything?  Do they look like they have a clue that they are part of the problem?

How About a new Approach

At least once a week when my oldest daughter (she’s 14) comes home from school she will come to me with an environmental statement that one of her teachers made in class about how terrible the energy industry is or how awful the lumber industry or how farmers need to reduce their emissions etc. etc.  We need to save the world by shutting these guys down he or she will say.

This is the utter nonsense that is blocking us in the fight to actually do something on the climate file.  Uninformed, simplistic idealism.  Our education system is supposed deliver curriculum that educates kids and provides the next generation the intellectual capacity they need to make our world a better place going forward.  And we are failing the next generation miserably.

How, in these ‘climate crisis times’ do we not have a proper curriculum in place that provides real, fact based knowledge for our kids on the climate file.  A curriculum that looks at the full picture; is honest with them about the fact consumption is 80 per cent of the problem and is only increasing; Gives them a world view… a terrifying world view… that most of the world doesn’t have what they have and wants to have what they have; and asks them the tough questions like ‘what are you willing to give up to eliminate your impact?’

Remember kids, our Prime Minister (and the Greens, NDP and Bloc) is proposing policy that says no emissions by 2050.  That may mean no iphone, designer clothes, computers, cars, indoor arenas, theme parks, Netflix, vacations … should I go on.

Greta, we love the initiative.  Please keep going because even if we think you are missing the point, the impacts of what you are proposing will definitely open many eyes… for better or worse.  And we will continue our mission until everyone around the globe changes their focus and finally understands the most important of all environmental messages…

It’s about Consumption Stupid!


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