//McKenna’s Carbon Conundrum

McKenna’s Carbon Conundrum

Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate — Oh that dreaded Carbon tax!

Yes, that tax that is supposed to change our behaviour but cost us nothing. Actually, our Environment and Climate czar says that consumers will get rebates and actually do better financially. So does that mean we all get more money because we consume more? Or that because those that produce the mountains of stuff I consume will have to pay for it (they will be carbon taxed), will we all need to pay more for everything hard working Canadians make for us? Let’s be clear, when your federal government introduces a law taxing us all for carbon and then gives those of us responsible for consuming all the energy and goods produced our money back, that doesn’t seem like a successful policy if you want to incent behavioral change.

Even more interesting, Minister McKenna also says that simply being more aware will reduce consumption. Yet, our government… and all economic experts and institutions…. gauge our economic performance on always increasing consumption and GDP. Growth… growth… growth. Are you confused yet?



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