//Say What? BC Premier Horgan Wants More Oil

Say What? BC Premier Horgan Wants More Oil

BC Premier Horgan Tells Ottawa: We Need More Oil!

Yes… that Premier John Horgan. The anti-oil, anti-pipeline, anti-refinery-in-his-backyard Premier of British Columbia is calling on Ottawa and Alberta to help B.C. lower gasoline prices in his province.

We waited a while to see if any mainstream media would pick up on the hypocrisy of Mr. Horgan’s appeal for lower fuel prices while continuing to oppose the Trans Mountain pipeline has been in operation for decades. BC, of course, also imports fuel from other places along the U.S. northwest coast to meet its ever-growing demand for fossil fuel-based energy.

In a region where gasoline consumption continues to rise, the other option Mr. Horgan might consider is to introduce real measures to reduce consumption in the Lower Mainland. For a Premier so dedicated to using less fossil fuels based energy, maybe reconsidering policy to incent less consumption of fossil fuels, not more, could be put on the table.



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