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Leo and Friends

DiCaprio throws one hell of an enviro party in the south of France

Environmental crusaders get a lot of scrutiny from our Consume This News team, and it’s for good reason. We don’t take hypocrisy lightly. And so often we see the rich and famous preaching to the world that we must stop producing carbon, while they’re circling the globe on private planes and yachts en route to yet another gathering of the over-consuming élite.

Consider Leonardo DiCaprio, our favourite example of this utter hypocrisy. The same Leo DiCaprio who, while filming the Revenant in the Canadian Rockies, believed that a Chinook weather pattern – a common warm weather occurrence during every southern Alberta winter – signified the doom and gloom of global warming. It must be Canada’s energy industry causing this phenomena.

This September, The Leo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) will once again host its annual fundraising gala in St. Tropez, in the South of France. He’ll be hosting hundreds of his very wealthy friends who will spend millions of dollars on Leo’s own Belize eco-resort island, Blackadore Caye, or a $1.6 million Arctic expedition, or a $3 million private concert with Elton John.

While hypocrisy has many forms, seeing rich and famous preach their pet causes to us all while living their lavish lifestyles that generate many, many times the environmental impact of the average middle class family is as overt as it comes.





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